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Corporate events

The same professionalism with which we organize weddings and private events we also put it in the planning of corporate events. Daniele Carnovali and his staff offer a tailor-made consulting service, which proposes original formulas for all stages of the organization of congresses, conferences, meetings, gala dinners, team building, parties, inaugurations, product launches, cultural events also paying attention to the identity of his client, his goal and what he wants to communicate.

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Business event organization

As with a future bride and groom, for Carnovali Events creating a relationship of empathy with corporate clients is also very important, because each company is made of people and not gears, with their own ideas, creativity, goals, emotions.

Carnovali Events will follow every event with extreme care, first of all studying the details in order to offer tailored advice that respects the goal that the client company has set itself to achieve.

Team building, meeting and gala dinners

Daniele Carnovali, with his 10 years of experience in corporate management and public relations, knows how important it is to keep a team cohesive and incentivized, proposing appropriate activities for personal and corporate cultures, not only to maintain and increase a certain productivity but also to improve human relationships within the company.

Corporate events, including team building, meetings, gala dinners, celebrate the construction and development of a team’s life, in order to make each member experience indelible memories, as a foundation on which to build more effective and incentive working relationships.

Corporate events planning

We follow our corporate clients to help them decide the right business event for them and how to best organize it. Carnovali Events loves to focus its attention on the details of each event because every detail is very important. The team, managed by Daniele Carnovali, will then plan the entire corporate event, selecting the most suitable location, managing any accommodation and the logistical necessity.

The communication of an event is also very important to promote it concretely. The collaborators of Carnovali Events include communication experts who can manage advertising and content on social media in accordance with the image that the company wants to convey of itself through the event.

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Those who do the same thing expecting different results are fools.

Carnovali Events organizes events of unique and inimitable style for you. Talk to us about what you want for the most important day of your life or for your special event and we will make your dreams come true.

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