How to choose the location for your special event: our advice

How to choose the location for your special event: our advice

How do you choose the right location to host an event? What are the characteristics to keep in mind to ensure their success? Answering these questions is not as simple as you may think. In this article we want to share some useful tips to select the right location for your special event.

Guidelines for selecting the location of an event

When organizing an event, the research activities for the location are known as “location scouting” and in general it is the first thing to be cared for. Follow a few guidelines, it greatly facilitates the task, so here is our personal guide for all those who are dealing with the planning of a private or corporate event.

Whatever the type of event planned, the first characteristics to be assessed are position, capacity and type.

The venue’s position

The best location is that easily accessible to all participants. This does not mean that it is always necessary to look for a venue in the city or near the major roads, in fact even a structure in the countryside or more isolated can be the right solution.

Let’s think about an anniversary or a family reunion for a special occasion, the fact of being all together in an isolated place certainly contributes to creating a magical and festive atmosphere.

How to find the right capacity

As for the location, size matters. That ideal should be neither too small, because every guest must be at ease, neither too large and dispersed.

The right capacity depends mainly on how many people will participate, so it is important to know the number of guests well in advance. In the case of a private event, such as a birthday, an eighteenth or a ceremony, managing confirmations will be rather simple, but if we talk about a corporate event it would be ideal to provide a professional service for guests confirmations.

The typology: create the party atmosphere

The topic of the typology is rather complex, often it is also defined as “look & feel”. In simpler words, it is the atmosphere. When selecting the locations for an event, you must also think about what kind of atmosphere you wants to offer to the guests.

A historic villa or a 5-star hotel lend perfectly to organizing an event in which elegance and luxury are important components. Instead, a farm or a relais in the countryside are suitable for creating a sense of cohesion and intimacy in the participants.

The budget factor

Last but not least, the budget factor. The power of choice on the location, and on all the details like decorations, catering and more, depends very much on the budget available for the event. Of course, to celebrate with friends and relatives, you don’t mind spending… up to a certain point.

The goal of an event planner is to help you in making your special event by optimizing your budget to the fullest.

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