Wedding anniversary: ​​many ideas to celebrate love

Wedding anniversary: ​​many ideas to celebrate love

Love can be celebrated every day. There are special occasions, however, in which each couple should celebrate the goal achieved and live a truly unique day. Check out our tips for organizing an unforgettable wedding anniversary.

The first year of marriage, celebrate the "paper wedding"

The first year of a married couple deserves to be celebrated with great joy. Any suggestions? A romantic dinner in an elegant location and maybe a nice evening with a surprise gift. Or, what about a weekend spent out to remember the fun and passion of the honeymoon. It doesn’t matter big things, as long as everything is organized with care and love, to celebrate the first year of life together.

Renew wedding vows

If you want to jump into the past or want to build new moments of joy with family and friends, there is nothing more original than the renewal of vows. A trend that is becoming increasingly popular even after the first 10 years of marriage, for the “tin wedding”.

If this is your dream, you just have to choose the location and renew your love promises in front of the people you care about most. You can choose among civil, religious or symbolic ceremony. Whatever your choice, it will be very romantic.

Silver wedding and Golden wedding, party in style

The silver wedding, for the twenty-five years of marriage, and the golden wedding, for the fifty, are unique moments. Real-life goals spent together, which deserve to be celebrated surrounded by the affection of your loved ones.

In addition to the possibility of renewing the vows, you can also organize a large party with music, entertainment and a cake personalized with your names and wedding years. It will be an unforgettable way to celebrate love and give everyone an appointment for the next wedding anniversary.

Wedding favors for the anniversary

Do you like the idea of ​​sharing your love goal with friends and relatives, but do you also want to leave a gift to those who will be with you that day? You can choose to make favors or small thoughts for your guests.

An original idea is to create objects with colours and materials that recall those related to the number of wedding years. Tin, silver, gold or diamond wedding? Focus on metallic and precious colours. You will all be amazed and with a beautiful memory of the ceremony spent together.

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