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Bridal fashion 2020: dress and trendy accessories

The bridal fashion 2020 is a real triumph of news and trends both for the dress and for the accessories that come back from the past and steal the show. Collaborating with the event planner Paola Maravalle (@paolamaravalle) we decided to list all the news in this article.

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Wedding dresses 2020: romanticism wins

VIP weddings that have been the most talked about in recent years have brought attention to romanticism, in particular the minimal dress by Meghan Markle, but have also introduced the use of transformable dresses, like that of Chiara Ferragni. In addition to these trends there are also modern trouser suits with a train, which amaze and excite in the same way.

The most classic white trouser suit is re-edited in a couture style thanks to very long peplos that become a discreet train that accompanies the bride.

The big news of the bridal look 2020

The novelty of the wedding dress 2020 is the blazer. Coordinated to complete or in the more contemporary version as a blazer-dress, this garment is masterfully interpreted by designers. Perfect geometries and top quality fabrics are the ingredients chosen for this iconic garment that now becomes a must for the 2020 brides who are looking for something new.

Shorts are also a new introduction to the bridal look. The shorts appeared on the catwalk as a suit or jumpsuit, perhaps rich in details, to be worn with a maxi skirt in tulle. The latter to be removed after the “I do” to celebrate with friends and relatives.

Feathers, tulle and lace are protagonists of bridal fashion

The feathers are applied on the edge or completely cover the bodice to recreate the figure of an elegant swan. They are perfect for those who get married in the afternoon and look for a dress that falls softly on the body, not too bulky. Tulle is instead used more widely: skirts, capes, peplums: the princess effect is not necessarily sought, rather it is the see-no-see effect.

Lace but also macramé, crochet and broderie characterize the 2020 collection of many designers. Ideal models for a boho-chic style wedding.

White, but also colorful: the wedding dress 2020

The classic 50s dress, with a full skirt and bodice, is back! Simple and rich in ruffles and ruffles, it is perfect for those who celebrate a classic wedding. For brides looking for a more glamorous style, there are dresses with voluminous sleeves and dramatic, romantic drapes, just like the renaissance ladies of the ‘500.

The new wedding dresses are colorful. White dominates the bridal week, but some pastel tips have pleasantly amazed, it is the natural green, the blue sky and the sweet pink.

Hair accessories: hair clips and headbands for the bride 2020

What is a bride without jewelry? And without a veil? Accessories may seem small details, but they play a very important role in the final look. For many brides it is impossible to give it up! However, the 2020 trends are oriented towards simplicity and naturalness.

The hairstyles are embellished with headbands or with jeweled clips that give the bride a point of light in her hair. To respect tradition, or because it immediately excites, the veil is a timeless accessory and is confirmed again for 2020.

The lace hat is trendy

Big news among the bridal accessories 2020 is the lace hat. The wide-brimmed one is a pendant with the 50s dress with a bateau neckline, without straps. It is ideal in the case of a wedding celebrated in a hot summer day.

However, the accepted models are really many: from hats with veils to straw hats. They are perfect for brides who want to complete their look with a chic detail that will distinguish them throughout the party.

Shoes and jewelry for the bride 2020

The etiquette teaches that the bride should not have jewels or accessories on the left arm, only faith is accepted. So yes to bright bracelets but only on the right wrist. Small earrings or diamonds are recommended as earrings. The necklaces depend instead on the neckline, if pronounced it is ideal to add a simple chain with a pendant or a string of pearls.

The shoe is closed with both heel and toe. The wonderful décolleté never goes out of fashion but something more open also appears. The colors are strictly white and ivory.

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