Wedding makeup and hairstyle: when and how test it

Wedding makeup and hairstyle: when and how test it

Every bride wants to be the absolute protagonist of her wedding and shine among the guests like a star. In this, both the choice of the dressĀ and the choice of make-up and hairstyle for which it is always recommended to do some tests play a fundamental role.

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A perfect look

On such an important day, nothing can be left to chance, especially the look of a bride and groom! Every detail must be studied well in advance and with the help of professionals such as hairstylists and makeup artists. The bride’s make-up and hairstyle test is therefore a must.

Anxious of covering small imperfections of the face, wishing to feel pampered and safe for their marriage, the brides are happy rely on the hands of an expert. What better occasion to take advantage of the advice of an image consultant? Even the groom, for the occasion will have to look after his appearance accurately.

Professional makeup artist and hairstylist speak up

This topic must be handle with care, that’s why we chose to ask the questions of brides to two professionals, collaborators of Carnovali Events: the makeup artist Giovanna Bergamo (@giovannabergamomakeuppermanent) and the hairstylist Ludovica Manenti (@ludovicamanenti_hairstylist). In fact, the collaboration is fundamental for the success of a perfect and sophisticated look: the bride’s hairstyle and makeup must coordinate and enhance each other.

When to organize makeup and hairstyle test?

Giovanna: the wedding makeup test should be organized about 4/5 months before the date set for the big day, or immediately after choosing the wedding dress. The bridal makeup is theoretically different from other types of makeup. In general, and if there are no special needs, such as a themed wedding or a specific request by the bride, the flawless tendency is followed, that is an almost invisible makeup.

Ludovica: for the hairstyle there is not a precise time, the first test must be carried out preferably after the choice of the dress. The wedding hairstyle is almost as important as the choice of dress. For a woman, actually it is essential to feel like a princess on her most important day. From this we start by choosing colors, style and mood so as to reflect the concept of the entire event and not distort the personality and daily habits of the bride. Only in this way can you feel comfortable and shine with elegance and self-confidence.

How does the makeup test take place?

Giovanna: as far as the makeup test is concerned, there are usually two meetings with the bride. The first to collect all the information regarding the ceremony, the dress chosen and the hairstyle, the dominant colors…the makeup must in fact result in harmony with all the elements of the wedding. During this meeting I also apply the actual makeup. I always advise the bride to keep makeup for the whole day in order to test the seal and carefully evaluate the proposal. A second test is also possible. The second appointment coincides with the wedding day, generally at home or at the host structure.

How is the hairstyle test performed?

Ludovica: the hairstyle is performed in the hairstylist salon. On this occasion, the bride’s expectations are analyzed, information on the wedding dress and style of the entire event is collected. There is no precise number of tests, even if 2 are generally enough, we simply continue to try until the bride is happy with the result and feels confident in her appearance. For a woman, actually it is essential to like yourself and feel like a princess on her most important day.

What are the trends in 2019 wedding hairstyle?

Ludovica: looking at the latest bridal collections, they all have a common denominator: a return to princess style. This is probably due to the media effect of the recent royal marriage between Prince Henry and Meghan Markle. I refer therefore to updos suitable for wearing bright accessories, tiaras and many jewels in the hair.

Some tips about the wedding makeup for 2019?

Giovanna: wedding makeup requires the exaltation of the beauty of the bride, enhancing her facial features in a sober and elegant way. The 2019 bridal makeup trend provides plenty of light, illumination, soft and delineated shades, bright pigments on the eyes, 3D lips but with the most natural effect possible and a perfect hold throughout the day.

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