Marriage proposal: how to organize it in Lake Garda |

Marriage proposal: how to organize it in Lake Garda

With its colors and reflections of the mountains on the water, Lake Garda is definitely the ideal place for a romantic surprise. So why not surprise your loved one with an original marriage proposal paying attention to every detail?

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Ideas for a wedding proposal in Lake Garda

Carnovali Events perfectly knows the great potential of the territory, being this the headquarter our offices, and can organize for you the best of experiences! The possibilities are almost endless, as is the number of original ideas to ask: “Will you marry me?”. You can organize the proposal on a boat or in a lemon-house, or, why not, on the top of a snow-covered mountain with a view of the lake.

But before this we want to meet you. In our first meeting we will present ourselves and get to know your desires and the budget you intend to invest in this magical surprise.

Marry me in Lake Garda

When organizing the marriage proposal, every detail is very important. After all, this is a moment that will remain forever in the hearts of both the protagonists. Only an experienced professional can help you realize your ideas.

Our team will support you in organizing the proposal, advising you on locations and suppliers with whom you can collaborate to achieve this intimate, romantic and unforgettable moment. The preparations will be studied and the logistics taken care of so that for your sweetheart to remains a secret and therefore an unexpected surprise!

Which ring for the marriage proposal? We'll think about it!

What we offer is a complete service: from the moment you take this important decision until the fateful “Yes”. We will support you step by step in every decision, recommending the best suppliers, the most suitable outfit, the engagement ring and much more.

With regards to the ring, Carnovali Events also has among its collaborators some goldsmith craftsmen who will be able to make a custom engagement ring.

Marriage proposal by the lake

We will therefore decide together the day and the ideal place for this moment, taking care of every little detail. We will always be there to supervise the event, coordinating every piece that will make up the surprise.

If you want to know so many original and surprising ideas for a wedding proposal in Lake Garda, we recommend that you dedicate some quality time to a meeting with us, in which we can understand together how to make this moment truly unique and inimitable.

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Those who do the same thing expecting different results are fools.

Carnovali Events organizes events of unique and inimitable style for you. Talk to us about what you want for the most important day of your life or for your special event and we will make your dreams come true.

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