Anime project, an Emotional Experience |

Anime project, an Emotional Experience

The Anime project by Daniele Carnovali is a gift for Brescia. The city was among the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and this project, which illuminates the facade of the Spedali Civili with the tricolour and two bright white and blue beams in memory of the victims, represents the desire to support and give strength to all its citizens.

How the Anime project was born

Daniele Carnovali, owner of Carnovali Events, is a person of great sensitivity. In the period of medical emergency, this prompted him to do his part.

“This project made its way into my mind in March, thanks to my wife Denise, who works with the old people inside a structure in the province of Brescia. The restrictions given by the current emergency, which she told to me with lucid eyes, left me really powerless. I then wondered how I could help”.

The Italian tricolour lights illuminate the Spedali Civili

Supporting his city has become a mission for Daniele. Thanks to his network of collaborations with the events sector, he joined a group of professionals animated by the same desire and they gave birth to “Anime”.

The project was also supported by the public sector, thanks to the staff of the Spedali Civili and the institutions of the Municipality of Brescia. Thus, the lights of the Anime project were lit on April 14, 2020.

Emotional Experience by Carnovali Events

In the years of activity, Carnovali Events has developed new formulas of events with high emotional impact. Real Emotional Experiences that are able to leave an indelible memory in those who lived them.

The Anime project is an example of this because, in addition to being a tribute to the victims of the Covid-19 and to all the health care personnel involved in saving lives, it is also a symbol of strength and courage for an entire city.

Lights on until 2021

The goal of Daniele and those who helped him to realize the project Anime for Brescia is leaving the lights on until 14 April 2021. For this reason, the Anime Association was formed. A fundraising and membership campaign for new sponsors has been promoted, too.

Part of the proceeds will go to support Soccorso Pubblico Franciacorta, the families affected by the pandemic and the structures and all those who are still fighting against this disease.


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