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Trends and news about wedding in 2020

What does the 2020 wedding season hold? In this article some indications and inspirations for all brides and grooms about to say “I do”! Lots of new trends for wedding in 2020 regarding style, flowers, hair-style, make-up, photos, videos, clothes for her and for him.

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Green: the wedding style 2020

The increasing attention to the environment that surrounds us is bringing more and more couples to opt for a green or green luxury wedding. This style is characterized by floral compositions that recall wild and pristine nature, choices of menus and decorations in respect of sustainability. Precisely for this reason, the flower of the Pampas, Cortaderia Selloana, will surely be the protagonist of the floral compositions in the weddings 2020. The tendency to use this particular flower began at the end of 2018, since then many flower designers have started to include it more and more in their own compositions. Given its soft, sinuous shapes, very reminiscent of those of a feather, it does not “marry” well with all styles and locations, but it is certainly perfect for a romantic wedding.

2020 trends for the hairstyle of the bride

by Ludovica Manenti (@ludovicamanenti_hairstylist)
Bridal hairstyles follow trends and are often inspired by what we see on the web or on dedicated magazines. In the end, however, it’s us, the hair stylists who communicate future trends to the brides, but above all create a perfect harmony between dress, face-type, make-up and personal tastes. The possibilities for 2020 in terms of bridal hairstyle are many and varied, but they all have something in common: naturalness and simplicity.

For long hair we prefer hairstyles that leave the hair fall soft with waves or smooth from root to ends. For brides who prefer updos, we suggest high or low and soft chignon, with knots, bananas, mainly low ponytails tied with bows or ribbons, sometimes embellished with jeweled circles. Among the everlasting hairstyles and always trendy, the medium updo, often deliberately disheveled. Accessory par excellence, the veil.

Bridal makeup in 2020

by Giovanna Bergamo (@giovannabergamomakeuppermanent)
The watchword for the bridal make-up in 2020 is light! A warm light that tends to amber and gold shades, not sparkling, but satin and with a glowing finish. The new entry is the gold-colored eyeshadow, for an exclusive and glam effect but at the same time elegant, to combine with a delicate and almost impalpable natural contouring. The volumes are no longer defined with dark and defined lines, but recreated with light effects. In practice, bridal makeup is there but you can’t see it: it focuses on naturalness and luminous effects, all obtained through a mix of powders in shades of gold, pink and bronze, intensified by the black inside the eye.

Undisputed protagonists, the false eyelashes in silk or mink that guarantee an enveloping and intense look. The lips are outlined with liquid matte-effect shades on amber, with a “pearl” of central light, or rosy with champagne veins. Yes also to the glossed vinyl mirror effect for a bolder bride. Red is admitted contaminated by the shades of wine, mat or gloss effect. Ultimately, a clean and unstructured make-up with strong lines, lots of shine even on the décolleté, sober, elegant and refined.

Reportage photoshoot for weddings in 2020

by Davide Fazio (@davide_fazio_wedding_and_event)
Among the latest trends sought by those who deeply believe in expressive photography, “English reportage” stands out. This type of photographic style, which captures unique moments trying to make the photographer pass unnoticed, has always received many acclaim and is imposed also for 2020. It consists in abandoning bulky cameras and using short and very luminous optics, which allow me to become confused among the guests and not create embarrassment. In this way the expressions that I take are the most natural possible, to put it simply: they tell a story. Telling the whole day through the pics, from the preparation of the bride to the cutting of the cake, is for me a true mission and the passion of my life.

Wedding video 2020: the news

by Andrea Tortora (@andrea_tortora)
For the marriage videos of 2020 we can distinguish different trends so that each couple can choose the style that feels right. The style of the reportage is always appreciated, it maintains the same visual-emotional line of the event, keeping intact the chronology of the events. A more cinematographic variant instead foresees that the timeline is broken giving the possibility to the editor to choose the way with which to tell the story. Its duration can vary from 6 to 12, 15 or even 30 minutes. Changing the duration affects the intensity of the video so if you choose the 6 minute version you get a concentrated story; while choosing the 12-15 minutes you get a more complex and elaborate film. The choice of 30 minutes is an outdated option.

Bride dress in 2020

by Paola Maravalle (@paolamaravalle)
The bridal fashion 2020 is full of news. Due to the recent marriages of Meghan Markle and Chiara Ferragni, the trends for wedding dresses are divided into two different styles: on one hand the romantic and minimalist style that characterized the royal wedding, on the other the modern style with a convertible dress and multi-use as that of the fashion blogger. Also stand out trouser suits and blazers, elegant suits with train. Yes also to feathers and clouds of tulle for a see-no-see effect. The 1950s sheath dresses and the round skirts and even the wide sleeves that characterized the clothes of the Renaissance ladies are back on the scene. Moreover, the new wedding dresses have some pastel shades: natural green, sky-blue and candy-pink.

The outfit of the groom: trends 2020

As for the man, the trend, started in 2019, continues with very short jackets, called micro-smoking jackets, with lapel or shawl. The cut of the jacket is minimal, enriched with interesting and original designs of leaves or flowers, almost brocades, in soft tones ranging from deep blue to indigo. Even the vest is the protagonist with these wonderful designs, creating a truly elegant and at the same time modern effect. The dress has a strictly cigarette pants worn along the ankle. The 2020 groom no longer accepts the traditional outfit, of the classic bridal gown represented above the wedding cake, he also wants to be a glamorous protagonist to best accompany his bride.

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