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Elopement: the best destinations in Italy

The Elopement wedding is a real love escape, in which the only protagonists are the spouses. Much loved in the United States, this ceremony is spreading even more in Italy. Discover the most beautiful destinations.

Ceremony and reception with selected guests

If at weddings with dozens of guests you prefer a much more intimate ceremony and a reception with a few guests, the best choice is the elopement wedding. Elope, in fact, is the English term which means “an escape without looking back”.

This is how the concept of a love escape was born, followed by an intimate ceremony in an exclusive place, such as a garden with a view of the lake, a vineyard, a deserted beach. Here are some of the best locations for a wedding elopement in Italy.

Franciacorta: the ideal destination for a wedding elopement

Organizing a wedding with an intimate ceremony and reception still requires great attention to detail and planning of every aspect. That’s why it’s important to rely on a wedding planner who will guide you in the best choices.

If your dream is to get married in an estate surrounded by vineyards, choose Franciacorta. In this area, you can choose from many villas, farms and historic cellars, but also churches, abbeys and convents where you can celebrate the religious, civil or symbolic ceremony.

Intimate wedding on Lake Garda

If, on the other hand, you prefer a romantic and suggestive location, why not choose Lake Garda with its wonderful views? A ceremony heated by the sun that reflects on the lake or celebrated at sunset with the red light of the evening.

The backdrop to your wedding elopement will be a beautiful panorama that will make your day unforgettable. Whether you choose a small beach or the garden of a villa overlooking Lake Garda, your wedding will be a dream.

Romantic ceremony in Malcesine

Have you always dreamed of a wedding with a few guests in a place of enchantment? Then the right choice is a village nestled between breathtaking views. Some idea? The town of Malcesine, which stands on the Venetian shore of Lake Garda. A perfect location for a lake view wedding.

Malcesine is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and represents an ideal destination for getting married every month of the year. Its historic centre, with its intertwining streets, represent the perfect background for your photos.

You can choose to celebrate your intimate ceremony inside an elegant villa in the area or in the Castle of the village. Your day will be perfect.

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