Green wedding: ideas for an eco-sustainable ceremony

Green wedding: ideas for an eco-sustainable ceremony

Green wedding is a growing trend. More and more future spouses decide to carry out their ceremony with a day full of fun ideas and, at the same time, respectful of the environment.


A sustainable wedding in every detail

Focusing on sustainability for the wedding day is a choice that will also convince your guests. In fact, more and more people are engaged in making daily gestures that respect the environment and the surrounding nature. So, why not do it even on an important day like your wedding? From choosing the participations to choosing the wedding favors, passing through location or catering, everything can be personalized in an eco-friendly way.

Useful tips to create ecological invitations

For a wedding that is green in all aspects of the organization, it is important to start from the beginning. Invitations, in fact, are one of the elements that, from the beginning, best identify the type of wedding that is being organized. If our goal is to create a ceremony that, in addition to having fun, thinks about the environment, we also choose natural and ecological materials for the invitations. Leave room for imagination and create invitations in recycled paper, raffia, fabric ribbons and string, personalizing them with your sentences or poems.

An ecological wedding also in the choice of location

If you are organizing your wedding, and you want to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, privilege locations where it is possible to carry out both the ceremony and the reception. This way, once you reach the place, nobody will have to move again. Choose locations surrounded by greenery, which enhance the contact with nature and which do not require having to arrange further floral arrangements.

If you still want floral decorations, why not choose potted plants that guests can take away? Doing this will also reduce the waste of cut flowers. Even the choice of catering can be sustainable. Just think of a menu made with organic and local products.

The favors created with sustainable materials

As well as the invitations, even the favors can be handmade with eco-friendly materials and lots of imagination. Choose glass jars, wooden or cardboard boxes and fabric cords. To make original favors, decorate your objects with candles, scented chalks, aromatic plants or small gifts in inlaid wood. If, on the other hand, you prefer to make a charity gift, choose favors that support solidarity projects.

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