How to organize a perfect baby shower |

How to organize a perfect baby shower

The baby shower party is an original appointment in honor of the expectant mother and her baby. An event so “magical” as the birth of a new life, rightly deserves to be celebrated in the best way with a shower of useful and fun gifts.

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Baby shower in Italy

The baby shower, an American tradition, is already a fixed appointment in many foreign countries where it is known by different names, such as: Blessingway, Che de bebè, Fazadura, Stork Party, Stork Festival, Sprinkler, Valaikappu. The great success in Italy of this party for the arrival of the baby is perhaps due to the influence of VIPs and iconic films that brought the party to the big screen.

In a short time, the baby shower has become a very popular event, an opportunity to organize a fun and original party, perhaps relying on the help of professionals in the sector, such as Carnovali Events.

When and where to celebrate the baby's arrival

The meaning of a baby shower is to create an event entirely dedicated to the new life that will be born soon and to the future mother. By meeting with her friends in her home or in a rented room for the occasion, taking precious time to be together, the future mother gets advice and reassurance from the people closest to her.

Generally, the baby shower is organized at the eighth month of pregnancy, when the gestation is almost at the end and the future mother, away from work stress, devotes herself as much as possible to the baby’s arrival. It is also a special moment in which she seeks moral, psychological and material support.

Baby shower decorations

The baby shower is therefore a way to strengthen a female synergy, creating an aura of love around the future mother, which will surely be particularly useful after the birth. For such a special event, Carnovali Events offers all its know-how and its desire to amaze.

Our team will certainly be able to help you choose or invent an original and creative theme for the event, far from the usual pink/blue division, which can take shape in the defined location and respect the budget at your disposal. Once you find the right theme, it will be time to design the decorations to decorate the location, the tables and the invitations.

Babymoon: what it is and why organize it

Carnovali Events does not exclude future fathers from organizing the baby shower: how about giving the expectant mother a last escape of love before the happy event? A weekend or a mini-vacation just for you! This is the babymoon. Pampering and wellness for you two before increasing the members in the family, in vogue in many countries and now also in Italy.

Our staff can select for you the best destinations for a babymoon in Italy or abroad, also helping you to organize some special activities, such as a prenatal massage, a romantic evening, an exclusive party with selected guests.

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Those who do the same thing expecting different results are fools. Carnovali Events organizes events of unique and inimitable style for you.

Talk to us about what you want for the most important day of your life or for your special event and we will make your dreams come true.

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