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Ideas to realize a perfect vintage wedding

Vintage wedding is a refined and chic style that never goes out of style. Just identify an inspiring period to stick to for your wedding, and then let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of old times.

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Classic Charleston wedding

20s are the best to give space to feathers and Charleston decorations, or are you aiming for something more modern? There is really plenty of choice.

Here are some ideas for making a perfect vintage wedding. If you want a more classic style, it is better to take as a reference the first twenty years of the last century, dominated by elegance, charm and jewels.

Vintage 50s wedding

If, on the other hand, you are dreaming of something more modern, then take a leap forward in the mid-1900s. You can focus on a vintage 50s wedding using colors and fantasy.

The important thing is to choose chic ideas and details, which enhance the retro taste for both the ceremony and the reception.

The retro invitations

To give a special touch to your wedding, the invitations and the tableaux mariage must also be in vintage style. It is in fact important that no detail is left to chance, focusing on a perfect wedding design.

Aged wood, jute and metals such as wrought iron or tin are perfect for making vintage decorations. While for the colors you can choose pastel and delicate shades like powder pink, cream, aqua green or light blue. If, on the other hand, you prefer brighter colors, let your imagination run free.

The perfect vintage car

For a self-respecting vintage wedding, the car by which the bride will arrive in church is a fundamental choice. Dive into the past and be inspired by the great films that have made the history of cinema. You can choose between two retro icons par excellence: an old Cinquecento or a timeless Beetle.

If you prefer something more fun, why not choose a Vespa to reach the reception location? Or even a colorful Wolkswagen van!

Original vintage decorations

We have seen how wood and metals are the materials that best suit creating perfect vintage decorations for the wedding. But if you want to give an even more special touch to your wedding, you can focus on plumage, centerpieces embellished with crystal gems or, why not, placeholders with references to the world of music and vinyl.

Every detail will help make your day unforgettable for your friends and relatives. And if you really want to leave them speechless, also think of a vintage menu tailored by an expert catering.

The vintage look of bride and groom

Each time has its own style. Just like any wedding. Think of Grace Kelly’s elegance on her special day with Prince Rainier of Monaco, in 1956. The future princess wore a lace dress, still very elegant today.

But if you prefer something more modern to that vintage bon ton style, why not focus on a short dress and a veil on your head? For the groom, however, go-ahead for braces, bow ties and vests, or tuba and hat. You will leave everyone speachless.

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