Documents and bureaucracy in Brescia for weddings and events


Carnovali Events will help and advice its clients the best way, following them in the definition of every paperwork necessary for their event. From the compulsory documents for a wedding to any permits necessary to use public spaces and buildings, to the contracts with every vendor of the event. Working at an international level, Daniele Carnovali and his collaborators will advise and follow even the clients willing to organize an event abroad.

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Documents for civil weddings

In the event that future bride and groom who rely on Daniele Carnovali and his collaborators choose the civil ceremony for their marriage, they can rest assured, because they will be followed by people who know the whole bureaucratic process, whether they want to marry in the municipality, at an exclusive location or in states other than Italy.

Thanks to the new civil laws and the introduction of self-certifications, the entire process has been simplified, as it will be the municipality, upon request of the couple, to procure all the necessary documentation. Despite this, asking for advice from those who are more informed is always the best choice.

Documents for religious weddings

Until recently, the choice to celebrate a Catholic wedding was nearly a forced one. Today, also due to the greater number of domestic partnership and people choosing civil ceremony, the future spouses choose more consciously the celebration of a Catholic marriage.

For couples who choose the Catholic rite, it is advisable to start the marriage procedures and collect the necessary documents at least 6 months before the date of the big day. Carnovali Events will then follow the couple to advise them as best as possible.

Paperwork and permits management

Daniele Carnovali and his collaborators will also deal with the paperwork management for private or corporate events, helping their clients to understand what types of documents and permits are needed for their event.

The management of paperworks and permits for an event is never to be underestimated as it risks compromising the entire success and all the months of organization.

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