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Emotional Experiences

Daniele Carnovali’s experience in organizing events is very long indeed. Over the years his professionalism has given rise to projects very different from each other. Carnovali Events was the first in Italy to specialize in creating experiences with a high emotional impact that can leave a mark on people. These events are organized in every single detail by a professional team, with the aim of giving a smile.

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Events in collaboration with the public sector

One of Carnovali Events’ core business is the organization of Emotional Experiences, also realized in collaboration with the public sector. An example is the project “Anime” dedicated to Brescia, which had a really important echo.

In the period of Covid-19 emergency, Daniele Carnovali and a group of professionals from the world of events gave birth to a light installation on the facade and roof of the Spedali Civili of the city. The Italian tricolour flag and two beams of white and blue light fly towards the sky to give hope and strength to people.

Organizing public events

The collaboration between the private events sector and the public sector gives life to meaningful and emotional experiences. Events that don’t fade with their conclusion, but remain alive in the memories of those who lived them.

Carnovali Events knows deeply this kind of business and is able to develop them, according to the needs of everyone. The design of these events is supported by a network of reliable professionals and suppliers.

Create, design, emotion

Daniele Carnovali, with his team of collaborators, creates, designs and organizes all kinds of special event, with the only aim of exciting people. Daniele’s great sensitivity and passion for his work push him to the continuous creation of unique experiences.

From the search for sponsors to the selection of the best suppliers and the coordination of all the people involved, the experience and professionalism of Carnovali Events are synonymous with quality. Rely on Daniele to give emotions.

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Those who do the same thing expecting different results are fools.

Carnovali Events organizes events of unique and inimitable style for you. Talk to us about what you want for the most important day of your life or for your special event and we will make your dreams come true.

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