Lighting for weddings, private and corporate events in Brescia

Light Design

Where it is useful to embellish and enhance the interiors and exteriors of the location that will host the event, Daniele Carnovali together with a trusted team of light designers will be able to transform the various moments of the event into magical experiences that will frame the event giving each participant strong emotions.

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Light and audio services

The lighting and audio services are a complex piece and full of pitfalls. For this reason, light designers and audio technicians who work with Carnovali Events remain available for the entire duration of the event.

To ensure that wedding lighting and event lighting, as well as audio, are designed in the best way, our professionals will visit the location chosen for the event so as to study and evaluate the best places in which to install lights and speakers to create a setting that best enhances the environment.

Light design and setting

The lighting set-up for a wedding or for corporate and private events will undoubtedly follow the design of the entire event, so as not to lose the thread of the experience created.

Such a thin thread that is not easy to follow, but the professionalism of Carnovali Events and its collaborators will be able to cope with these difficulties, redefining, if necessary, the personality of the location that will host the event.

Lighting for corporate and private events

The light design service, and therefore of lighting, can give life to corporate events of marked refinement, making the guests present experience a unique emotion. As in weddings, even in a corporate event the lights and audio set up is very important and must be studied, designed and created by professionals in the sector.

There are many solutions that Daniele Carnovali and his team can offer to companies, always keeping in mind the corporate image and the goal they set themselves to reach through the event. In private events and special occasions, although often smaller, it still possible to create ad hoc solutions, treating them impeccably.

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Carnovali Events organizes events of unique and inimitable style for you. Talk to us about what you want for the most important day of your life or for your special event and we will make your dreams come true.

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