Transportation and hotels for weddings and events in Brescia

Transportation & Accommodation

Taking part in a wedding or an event is a commitment also for guests, especially for those coming from far away and having to face a long journey. From the transfer to the hotel accommodation with the relative overnight stay, up to entertainment and dedicated services, Daniele Carnovali and his collaborators will manage the organization of all these aspects. The same thing also applies if the couple has to stay overnight and use a means of transport for their big day.

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Cars for wedding and events

Carnovali Events boasts a collaboration with companies of car rental and private drivers, that’s why we’ll know how to manage any transfers for both weddings and events.

Let’s not forget about the car rental for the newlyweds, who will have the opportunity to choose any type of vehicle for their most beautiful day and Daniele Carnovali will be able to advise them the best way, so that even the car follows the style of the whole wedding.

Transfer organization

The transport service for private and corporate events is of great importance for Carnovali Events, as well as the preventive control of the spaces necessary for parking cars and any buses in the location also considering the ease of arrival at the venue, any restrictions, permits and accesses; evaluating the best solution for every detail.

It is also important to evaluate the time needed to reach the location where the event will be held. There are so many aspects to consider when organizing an event, remember to always entrust real professionals who know what they do and say.

Overnight stay organization

Daniele Carnovali and his team will also help you in the management of overnight stays, whether they are for the guests of your wedding, your corporate event or your special occasion. Every guest who needs overnight accommodation will have to be satisfied, even if he has had to face many kilometers to participate.

Remember that your guests are dedicating their time to you and to your event, so let’s worry about surprising them with quality activities and small attentions.

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Those who do the same thing expecting different results are fools.

Carnovali Events organizes events of unique and inimitable style for you. Talk to us about what you want for the most important day of your life or for your special event and we will make your dreams come true.

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